RFC Proposal for 127/8 Network

I keep looking for an April Fools / Hoax angle. Like for instance RFC-2324 but cant find one. This will be interesting since not only the fundamental change to how network stacks handle the 127/8 network BUT there are a lot of consumer devices in use that will likely never see an update to change this behavior. If it lands at some random hosting company it will make for some interesting troubleshooting sessions. To be clear this is just a proposal but I am still shocked none the less. If this a Joke then you got me ;-)

Unicast Use of the Formerly Reserved 127/8

This document redefines the IPv4 local loopback network as consisting only of the 65,536 addresses to ( It asks implementers to make addresses in the prior loopback range to fully usable for unicast use on the Internet.

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