• Back Plate Observations

    I got a BP/W after training. Like most I used a traditional “stab jacket” for training. It fit OK but It always never felt right. Now I will admit I probably could have done more tuning and maybe improved it some but after the pool work and the 4 open water checkout dives I was done with it.

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  • Cisco router support manual DST

    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 offically took effect March 11, 2007. This basically extends daylight saving time. The chart built into the most routers is not going to be correct.

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  • Typical ACLs on Edge Routers

    Add the ACLs into the router… This is not a dangerious step, nothing will happen untill you apply it on the interface. configure terminal access-list 1 remark Anti Spof for Serial I/F access-list 1 deny 63.

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