• Got Backups?

    As we welcome the holidays and the year is winding down, we often see family and friends and for those of us that do anything to do with technology are forever getting caught up in the quagmire that is desktop support.

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  • Dogs see Humas as Elves

    This was a thought provoking post on tumblr with some really cool responses. Keep in mind these are Elves as in Lord of the Rings. Given the fact that Dogs depending on size and breed live about 13 years and humans live around 80 it is a really cool way of looking at it.

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  • Back Plate Observations

    I got a BP/W after training. Like most I used a traditional “stab jacket” for training. It fit OK but It always never felt right. Now I will admit I probably could have done more tuning and maybe improved it some but after the pool work and the 4 open water checkout dives I was done with it.

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