Useful Websites and Services

Some Useful links and tools I use and refer to from time to time

  • Unix Family Tree
    The best and most complete unix history tree I have seen.
  • Time Zone tools
    Time tools, world wide time zone info.
  • Shields UP!
    Internet Vulnerability Profiling, very complete and easy to understand.
  • BGP Info
    University of Oregon Route Views Project
  • TraceRoute.org
    Clearing house of network tools geographically dispersed
  • Jargon File
    The New Hacker’s Dictionary maintained by Eric S. Raymond
  • Wormhole
    A free place to put Files/Images/Videos and send them out
  • Meld
    Excellent merge tool, allows to easily cherry pick what to merge.
  • ifconfig
    Excellent whats my ip tool that works well from the command line also
  • Readme.so
    Nice MD readme Generator Readme as a service
  • Shields.io
    Badge Generator for GitHub Projects
  • Regex 101
    Please to design and test regex
  • Shell Check
    Bash Shell Linter
  • Private Bin
    Secure Pastebin encryption happens client side.
  • Calculator Net
    Assorted on line calculators