• Secure your Security Questions

    Security questions
    A common authentication mechanism used to verify the identity of a user attempting to access an account or service. In a lot of cases, it is a way for a user to recover an account because of a lost password or no longer able to access the email address.

    I loathe this practice especially when forced to create them. To me knowing my mother’s maiden name or what city I was born in enables a person to bypass a uniquely generated Secure Password is like putting a deadbolt lock on a screen door.

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  • Creator of VIM Passes away

    Nerdy Sad News.

    No matter where you landed on the “vi vs emacs war” (google it) you had to admit that Bram’s creation VIM was a popular one..

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  • Wild Card Certs Talk

    I gave a short talk on how I implemented Wild Card Certs from Let’s Encrypt with EFF’s CertBot and some Ansible plumbing to install the certs.

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